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7500+ amazing templates

The coding for websites software app offers 7500+ website blocks in free, premium themes and page templates. Using Mobirise Maker app, no technical know-how is needed to create a unique website. The app offers 7000+ blocks, from sliders to photo galleries, all with amazing designs and page layouts that can be simply drag-and-dropped into the page. You can also directly modify the content in the page directly and release.

How coding for websites software works

Drag n drop blocks

You have the ability to make your very own brand-new website with a simple launch. First, select a template to use before customizing it with the large red "plus" button located in the lower right corner. After that, with a quick drag and drop, place your desired content blocks within the blocks panel.

Edit and style inline

You can quickly tailor each block as if you were working with a full-screen editor and switch out any media elements with your own selections - images, icons or videos.

Set block parameters

The blue "gear" button gives you access to the Parameters Panel where you can make modifications to your configurations.

Preview and publish

Click on "Mobile View" in the coding for websites program "Choose 'Mobile View' in the website maker," advice professionals, "for a design that looks perfect on all devices. To finish, publish your creation to either a local drive, FTP, or Mobirise subdomain."

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Try coding for websites software today! Anyone can get Mobirise for free, whether for personal or professional use. You can just download and start utilizing it for your own or your clients' sites with no limits.


Making a website is a breeze - with the help of a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder program, the look of your website can be quickly and easily modified. All it takes is adding content, rearranging components, and voilà - a beautiful webpage is ready in no time!

Designing a simple website easy way - drag-n-drop website builder
How to make a one page website using wysiwyg app
Awesome Designs

At Mobirise, you discover access to over 7,600 building blocks, themes and designs, each distinct in its own way. Create your own masterpiece by combining pieces from different looks and bring together your unique design! All made easy and accessible for any webmaster.


Smartphones have revolutionized the way we use the internet, and their growth has made desktop users almost obsolete. In 2016, the amount of web traffic coming from mobile phones outnumbered that of computer systems, and it's estimated that this trend will steadily grow by 2023. Therefore, providing websites that look great on any device is crucial for any website to become successful. Fortunately, services such as Mobirise are making website design much easier; automatically scaling the design of the page to the type of device used, so you don't need to worry about creating separate pages for different screen sizes.

How to create mobile version of website for free?

Edit locally, upload wherever

Release the power of your website; take the reins and choose the hosting solution that best fits your needs. With options ranging from a simple hard drive to a * domain, or even your own custom domain, you have full control over where your website will reside. Unlock the potential to publish and expand on multiple systems and make sure that you'll have the flexibility you need, now and in the future.

Boost your ranking!

If you're writing a website using Mobirise Web Site Maker, you can be sure it will conform with Google's mobile-friendly test. Google supports these crafted sites, and Mobirise takes this a step further by providing the capacity to use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – an added benefit!

Trendy website blocks

Building blocks come in many varieties, making it easy to create an exciting website. Options start with basic starters then onto small stores and developments. There are also sliders, photo galleries with parallax scrolling, social feeds, video backgrounds and even sticky headers. You can have it all!

Bootstrap builder

Bootstrap 5 is the world's most powerful mobile-first framework - now you can unlock access to it, without requiring any advanced coding knowledge, thanks to the latest version of Mobirise website design templates. Jump on the bandwagon and give your success rate a boost from a world-renowned and ever growing Bootstrap community!
Image sliders

Make sure your task includes WOW Slider for an appealing look! Utilizing photos and clips, you have immense customization capabilities to make it just as you envisioned. There are easy sliders to choose from or ones with more details too!

Building your own website from scratch
Form builder

A mouse click here and a mouse click there, and you can quickly and easily harvest the information you need from customers. Our get in touch with form creator is simple and intuitive to use, taking the load off of you. No extra work required – overseeing of all backend functions is handled for you, and emails will flow straight into your inbox once your website is up and running.

How to develop static website visually
Shopping Cart

Offering items on your website is made so much easier with PayPal's Purchasing Cart expansion. It's simple for customers to buy the things they need in a breeze-- all it takes is a single click to add products to their online cart. In addition, you can manage payments quickly and easily, without the hassle or stress.

Designing free personal website with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap in website creator software
Popup builder

Popup Builder makes creating attractive pop-ups on your website a breeze. Offering room to promote special deals and advertisements, this extension's ease of use is undeniable.

Making your own free boostrap web pages
Blog features

Creating your own on-line blog site can be achieved by making use of blocks specifically designed for this purpose. Such blocks allow you to successfully showcase the most current posts, articles, and content amongst other features.

Shop blocks

Store blocks make it effortless to construct your ecommerce store - merely input your products, descriptions, and prices and poof! Your online shop is ready to rock. Ready, set, start selling!

Building free web pages with PWA
PWA builder

With activation of this feature, you can upgrade your website to a Progressive Web App, thus permitting individuals to directly install the app to their devices.

Developing free video website
Image editor

With our vast selection of free images and the freedom to customize, you can easily craft the perfect photo! Transform it, turn it, and even zoom it - make sure that it fits your project requirements!

How to build a web page with social media buttons?
Popup Chat

Making your website more user-friendly for customers is simple! Add a pop-up chat feature so they can get in touch with you quickly through a messaging platform of their choice--including Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Discord, or Signal--and receive efficient responses to their queries.

Building free web pages with PWA
Custom domain

You can now have your own personalized * subdomain absolutely free, or link an already existing domain of yours quickly and effortlessly.

Developing free video website

It matters not to which device your visitors turn, as your web page will automatically adjust for them, rendering an awesome user experience. No additional work is needed from you, to be sure that any device will be able to access and use your site efficiently.

How to build a web page with social media buttons?
Latest tech

Subsequent to its upgrade, Mobirise works on the advanced versions of Bootstrap and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) offering customers a speedy, more efficient experience.

Accept PayPal and Stripe payments
Smart Cart

We offer consumers a streamlined and efficient checkout process; with our shopping cart and options for payment via PayPal or Stripe, or order messages directly through WhatsApp, their shopping experience can be as smooth as possible.

How to build a web page with social media buttons?
WhatsApp Button

Chat Button gives customers the power to interact with you quickly, easily, and trustingly right away. With its user-friendly platform, your site visitors can now begin conversations with no extra downloads or registrations necessary. Make the most of this incredible opportunity to enhance customer experience, generate leads, and maximise conversions - all of which will support your organisation in growing faster than ever! Unlock all of the potential available and reap the rewards of enhanced user experiences one chat at a time!

How to build a web page with social media buttons?
Social feed

Mobirise's Social Feed Extensions give you unbeatable online customisation, enabling visitors to your website to have immediate access to not just what makes you unique, but to also get a true, real-time understanding of who is a part of your organisation. Engage your customers with user reviews, or post about upcoming events - or even better, do both at the same time, with feeds from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter all integrated into your web page.

Code Editor

Take control of your website's coding. Experience lightning-fast prototyping action, pairing with user-created content modules and styling. The Block Properties Panel provides maximum versatility, enabling deeper editing of block visuals. Enjoy unrestricted access to code from any and all blocks and remix them however you see fit.

mobirise code editor
mobirise integrations
Cool integrations

You don't have to go boring updating your site or app with the latest customizations! Mobirise is here to revolutionize the way you enhance your content with a range of awesome tools and features, like integrating social media feeds from Facebook, Disqus, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. And if that wasn't enough, you also have access to Google Fonts, Map, Analytics, PayPal integration, and SoundCloud embedding. Plus, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) support! We get that people have different needs, so we put together our icon designs with many others for a versatile suite of options. See what you can create with Mobirise - start today and take your content to the next level!

Ecommerce features

Begin accepting payments and providing products/services in a matter of minutes thanks to our simple Integration tools for both Stripe and Paypal accounts. Secure payment gateways offered by both Stripe and PayPal open up a vast online shopping experience to customers that cannot be achieved at brick-and-mortar shops. With the Cart Extension you're also able to track orders, as well as make custom tax calculations and multi-currency conversions for multiple nations - all with just one click.

mobirise code editor

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The coding for websites software is free, even for commercial use. Use the buttons below to download Website Creator Software for Windows or MacOS. Start creating your own websites today!

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The remarkable benefit of the application being offline implies that I'm able to depend on it, whatever sort of internet/ connection troubles may come up! In addition to having the peace of mind that my projects won't be missing at any moment, I'm able to take it with me on my journeys as-well. I just need to bear in mind where I've saved it on every computer for easy addition of the changes on that device. Also, I'm offered with lots of features in their visual directory (templates, elements) together with intuitive drag & drop customisation-- engaged even non-professionals in creating wonderful-looking sites immediately and with no difficulty - best for any person with a jam-packed day! Kristin

One of the key benefits this software yields over its competitors is offline functionality. This puts my mind at ease knowing that sensitive job data is not being stored by a third party offsite or online. Additionally, I don't have to worry about transferring across multiple platforms or wrangling with different hardware configurations if I switch computers, as this program only allows for editing when running it directly - hence resulting in much simpler laptop traveling as all settings, backups and scripts remain intact. A. El Kassem

My creative thinking soars when I utilize Mobirise to develop web sites - I can invest more time inventing instead than coding! It has switched up the way I design web pages totally - no more bother with laborious HTML layouts that take away from the total look. L. Chang

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Video preview

Watch the video below to learn more about how to design an attractive website using the coding for websites program.


I recently uncovered that Mobirise could be the perfect program for my web development needs, but running into a problem while setting it up - incompatibility with Mac's newer versions - really set me back. However, luckily I found solutions from the countless available tutorials and was able to get the program working. Looking past the setup issues, the features blew me away! It was filled with tons of creative designs and pre-made blocks that made building up my site such a breeze - it saved time, too. Each element felt like a real innovative cutting-edge technology that I haven't seen in a lot of the common, low-cost solutions out there.

Web designer

Recent need for a website to be created quickly led me to try out Mobirise. Wix is more comprehensive than Mobirise, but there's not always a need for more high-end programs to get the job done in a pinch. In those particular cases where you need something lightweight and still reliable, Mobirise can still come through can save the day, even if it's due to bad Wifi connections at home or other unexpected factors!

SMM manager

When I wasn't sure I would ever find anything to help me build a professional-looking website without technical stuff or HTML coding, the Mobirise did the impossible! I truly thought all hope had been lost. But luckily, using Mobirise, I was able to build an attractive website pretty easily. I've gotta say, since we started using Mobirise, our results have been nothing short of incredible.

Web developer

The thought of Mobirise seemed almost too good to be true. A multi-functional tool missing from the web development landscape for over two decades had finally arrived, featuring everything we needed and providing a simple way to design stunning websites without any help from a designer. Our whole team is now able to focus their efforts on establishing brilliant sites and achieving amazing results in record time-– all thanks to this groundbreaking piece of software. Mobirise lives up to its promise of delivering a futuristic platform, and we couldn't be more grateful!

Product director


The coding for websites software is an application that can help you build a website in an easy and convenient manner. WYSIWYG - a philosophy that has become the basis of many web programs pushing the boundaries of what you can do without know-how of coding. It means that you have what you see - a design seen in the visual editor ready for your own customizations. Offline: Offline coding for websites software is an application you can download and install on your PC, Laptop or smartphone. You needn't be bound by the internet connection or a web browser when constructing your website with an offline website builder. It provides the ability to work from wherever with the assurance that your project is safe and stored off the Internet. Online: Online coding for websites program is good if you always have a stable internet connection and are ready to work in your browser. If you don't feel like changing apps and want to access your web design system quickly and efficiently from any kind of device, browser-based software would be a great way to go! It doesn't have to be your own either - it will give you the same results whatever device you're using.

Mobirise is noted by many experts as the coding for websites software for those who want to create a website quickly and without any hassle.
Creating a website for free is possible with Mobirise! Download it and start building your site with no hidden fees or costs. Mobirise is so simple to use because you just have to drag and drop blocks into the editor and personalize it. Even without knowledge of technical things, you can still craft a nice website. If you're into coding, Mobirise also enables you to access HTML, CSS, and JS code then make all the changes you want. The coding for websites program is free for commercial use. This means that if you want to create websites for other people or businesses, you can do so without having to pay any fees. Mobirise is undoubtedly the best in its domain, providing users with a tools to create wonderful websites - all cost-free. Even those with no technical skills will have no trouble editing their own website. It even offers the chance to modify offline! All in all, for those wishing to develop an effective and up to date website, Mobirise should be your go-to.

To set up a free website with Mobirise, you need to:
1. How to download and install Mobirise coding for websites program is a free program that you can use to create websites. You can download it from the website. After you download it, you will need to install it on your computer. Completing the installation is a breeze and can easily be done in no time at all. 2. Searching for a free website template? Finding the perfect one can be quite a challenge! With plenty of options out there on the world wide web, it can be hard to pinpoint the ideal template that meets both your aesthetic and technical needs. To make the process easier, here are some steps to consider before downloading a free website template: A good place to start your search is the coding for websites program website. Here you will find a wide selection of high quality free website templates. 3. The goal of completing your website is to populate it with content. This could include videos, images, text, or even social media. Although style and theme are important, the choices you make with regard to content are crucial when considering the purpose and goal of the website. 4. Making your website available to the world - the last and final action - can be done in a couple of different ways. It's up to you to decide whether you want to upload the content to your PC or make use of a free hosting solution. If it's the latter that you choose, remember that you might be required to pick a custom subdomain.

Mobirise is the only 100% free desktop coding for websites software. No money required: you can acquire it free of charge and take advantage of it free of charge, regardless of how many websites, pages, or visitors you possess. There is no expense to you, ever.

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